About Lis

I love to eat, drink and travel and am the mastermind behind www.eatdrinktravelrepeat.com. I live in San Francisco with my hubby and purse pup, Mochi, and have made it my mission to really enjoy everything this city has to offer. In addition to eating myself silly I love to travel and spend 99% of my waking hours daydreaming and/or planning my next trip. I review restaurants and dishes around San Francisco, share photos of my travels and may even occasionally try to be a mixologist. I have never been the person that could get behind the theory that you eat to survive, what fun is that? In my next life I plan to be a polyglot who can make tiny roses from icing and run a 7 minute mile (but probably not at the same time).

Nicaragua – Travel Resources

Next trip is going on the books and we are heading to Nicaragua. As I have been planning our travels, the below is a list of my resources: 10 day itinerary Blogs: San Juan Del Sur Granada Laguna de Apoyo Leon Shuttles/Transportation

I Heart Belgium Beer


IMG_0111 IMG_0055

              I love beer and Belgium did not disappoint. The variety was more than I could possibly begin to tackle and there was certainly more beer than I could even attempt to taste. Each beer was served in a glass made specifically for that beer in order to impart the best flavor and smell. The glasses might have been my favorite part and I found myself ordering a beer just because of the glass, like this lovely Kwak: IMG_0057 Continue reading

Christmas Travels in Belgium

IMG_8076 This was the first time we travelled for the Christmas holidays and it did not disappoint. I  was admittedly a bit tentative about it. I love Christmas, the trees, the decorations, the cookies, the lights, Santa...what's not to love? I didn't want to miss the Christmas spirit and thankfully there was an adequate amount around Belgium to satisfy my holiday cheer needs!  Continue reading

San Sebastian…So Many Pintxos, So Little Time

Rather than list out all of the places I ate in San Sebastian I thought I would share with you the pinxto map I coordinated in advance of our trip along with my tasting notes (where applicable or if I can remember I will include a photo) Continue reading