De Halve Maan Brewery


Belgium is known for their beer and we couldn’t pass up a visit to the last remaining brewery in Bruges. De Halve Maan Brewery is right in the middle of Bruges and they run brewery tours every hour (in a variety of languages). In addition to the tour, the admission price also gets you a free beer, this seemed like a no brainer to us.

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I Heart Belgium Beer


IMG_0111 IMG_0055








I love beer and Belgium did not disappoint. The variety was more than I could possibly begin to tackle and there was certainly more beer than I could even attempt to taste. Each beer was served in a glass made specifically for that beer in order to impart the best flavor and smell. The glasses might have been my favorite part and I found myself ordering a beer just because of the glass, like this lovely Kwak:


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Calaveras County

Looking out our cottage window, there was nothing but smoke filled air. The fires in nearby Yosemite had left the town of Murphy in a haze. We however, did not let this slow us down.

Our day started in nearby Columbia State Park. I don’t really know what to say about this place…it was interesting. Columbia is staged to look like a town in the gold rush era, everything from a saloon and jail to all the town folk in period costume. Yep, that’s right, the dude hanging on the barstool in the saloon is in costume. A quick stroll up and down main street (it’s only about 2 city blocks) and we knew it was time for a beer. Off to the Saloon we went!


Please note the attire of the bartender

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It’s been a while…

It’s been a while and life has gotten in the way, but it has been fun! Here is what I’ve been up to:


Drake’s – A San Leandro gem


Turkey Trot 2013


Quince – quite the tasting menu


The Elf Party 2013


Tosca: an SF institution gets a makeover and menu overhaul


Cotogna – worth every bite!


While skiing in Utah we made a friend



Din Tai Fung- the original


Taipei 101


Street food in Seoul


Only in South Korea


The Princess Project – making sure that every teen’s prom dreams come true


Passport 2014 – keeping everyone safe


Campo Fina – my new bocce obsession


Russian River – Pliny the Elder…so good when it hits your lips


Summer and sunshine is the perfect recipe for a golf outing


Home Sweet Home