San Sebastian…So Many Pintxos, So Little Time

Rather than list out all of the places I ate in San Sebastian I thought I would share with you the pinxto map I coordinated in advance of our trip along with my tasting notes (where applicable or if I can remember I will include a photo) Continue reading

Cooking Class in Istanbul

Since we love food it is pretty natural that we also love learning how to make local dishes. The only thing we planned before heading to Istanbul, was  our cooking class with Cooking Alaturka. The classroom/restaurant can be found in the Sultanahmet, behind the Blue Mosque. Upon arrival, we were offered coffee or tea (choose the tea) and given  the list of dishes we would be making.  The class started at 4:30pm and was about 4.5 hours long (including dinner). We made a total of 5 dishes and were able to enjoy them with the 8 other people in our class. IMG_5365.JPG Our Menu: IMG_2753Ezogelin Corbasi - Red Lentil and Bulgar Soup - this soup was amazing and I was obsessed with it. The red pepper paste that is in the soup really makes the soup. Recipe here. IMG_5370 Continue reading

Street Eats: Istanbul

IMG_9832 Like any good city, Istanbul has plenty of great street eats. Like any good food lover we tried to sample as many as we could! This is all we could manage: Lahmacun – Also known as the "Turkish pizza". This delicious treat is thinly rolled out dough topped with tomato paste, ground meat (usually lamb) and sweet peppers. Once pulled from the wood burning oven it is topped with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a little bit of cilantro and some onion slices. I LOVED THIS! I couldn't get enough and almost didn't have room for other street eats. IMG_9829IMG_5594IMG_5523 Continue reading

Turkish Breakfast

Cafe Privato

Cafe Privato

The turkish breakfast is really quite the feast. It's a buffet lover's dream, without the horrible heating lamps. Our first foray in to the turkish breakfast scene was at Cafe Privato. This little cafe is located just a half block away from Galata Tower and offers a view of the tower as you dine. Upon arrival we put our names on a list and waited for the coveted table with a view. Within minutes of being seated the dishes started arriving...bread, jams, carrot salad, "scrambled" eggs, sausages, pancakes, honey, olives, cheeses and a fruit plate, all washed down with little cups of tea or fresh squeezed orange juice. I think this might be one of those meals you could eat every day (but probably shouldn't). IMG_5310.JPGIMG_5386.JPG