Monkeying Around In Manuel Antonio

8552973433_b34d39fcc8_b Manuel Antonio is probably one of the better known rain forests in Costa Rica and you are guaranteed to see a monkey or two while you are there. Since we were in Costa Rica for a wedding, our trip there was planned by the lovely bride and groom. Our large group was split in to three groups, assigned a guide and sent on our way. While Manuel Antonio is easy to navigate, the guide really is an expert at spotting all of the wildlife (and they bring an enormous telescope).


Our day was spent strolling through the rainforest, spotting monkeys, sloths, birds, spiders, and iguanas. At the end of our hike we were rewarded with a gorgeous beach and nothing but perfect temperature water.

8554080758_75567bfaae_b Since we had so much fun the first time around, we agreed to join our friends B&V for a second visit. (B&V were our travel partners post-wedding and kindly took us along in their rental car all over Costa Rica). For round two we went sans guide, stayed overnight at the airplane hotel (but not in the plane), lounged poolside, and really enjoyed the rainforest view.


Photo of the Week: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

8552967045_e742fb9034_bMonkeys here, monkeys there, monkeys everywhere! The rainforest of Manuel Antonio is full of these furry little guys. This one in particular decided to eat a nest off a tree right next to the path. If you are looking for a place to see wildlife, hike, relax, soak up the sun and squeeze in a little beach time then Costa Rica can't be beat.