A day at the market in Frankfurt

Frankfurt Airport...from our parking space
The flight is finally over so let the fun begin. Upon touching down in Germany we can't wait to get off the plane! Frankfurt airport is so big that often times when a plane arrives they don't get a gate, but instead a parking spot on the tarmac, we are one of those planes.
Train Ticket in Germany
The train was our main goal and after a little bit of wandering around, trying to read German, we were able to figure our where we were going...as it turns out we sort of remember how to do it (for all you out there doubting the "short" layover the trip from fra to fun in frankfurt is 30 minutes at best ...you have time, do it!) The last time I did this quick train I couldn't help but wonder, why did I pay? The German metro system does not ever check your ticket, but the culture is so strong that everyone just pays...imagine that, obeying the social contract?
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