San Sebastian…So Many Pintxos, So Little Time

Rather than list out all of the places I ate in San Sebastian I thought I would share with you the pinxto map I coordinated in advance of our trip along with my tasting notes (where applicable or if I can remember I will include a photo) Continue reading

Photo of the Week: Segovia, Spain

7859345626_a8f46488fe_b Segovia was a hidden gem. We had an extra day in Spain before our friends arrived to meet us in Madrid and we decided to make a quick overnight trip to Segovia. This little village is where the royals used to escape when the summer became too brutal and is a short train ride from Madrid. The aqueduct is really a work of art, but the suckling pig makes this a top stop on our list. Yes, food, as usual is our driving force.

Martin Bersategui

We are a sucker for a 3 Michelin star meal...there I said it! One of the biggest draws about San Sebastian was the sheer number of outstanding restaurants. We immediately set to work figuring out where we could get a reservation and then where we wanted to go. We decided on Martin Bersategui because we had heard great things and wanted to go with a classic. The menu there doesn't change often, but does list the year when he first debuted the recipe. Continue reading