Calaveras County

Looking out our cottage window, there was nothing but smoke filled air. The fires in nearby Yosemite had left the town of Murphy in a haze. We however, did not let this slow us down. Our day started in nearby Columbia State Park. I don’t really know what to say about this place…it was interesting. Columbia is staged to look like a town in the gold rush era, everything from a saloon and jail to all the town folk in period costume. Yep, that’s right, the dude hanging on the barstool in the saloon is in costume. A quick stroll up and down main street (it’s only about 2 city blocks) and we knew it was time for a beer. Off to the Saloon we went!

Please note the attire of the bartender

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It’s been a while…

It's been a while and life has gotten in the way, but it has been fun! Here is what I've been up to:

Drake's - A San Leandro gem


Turkey Trot 2013


Quince - quite the tasting menu


The Elf Party 2013


Tosca: an SF institution gets a makeover and menu overhaul


Cotogna - worth every bite!


While skiing in Utah we made a friend



Din Tai Fung- the original


Taipei 101


Street food in Seoul


Only in South Korea


The Princess Project - making sure that every teen's prom dreams come true


Passport 2014 - keeping everyone safe


Campo Fina - my new bocce obsession


Russian River - Pliny the good when it hits your lips


Summer and sunshine is the perfect recipe for a golf outing


Home Sweet Home

Le Diner a San Francisco

Setting Up It was on my list of things to do, I had even researched trying to pull this off on my own, finally, at last, I attended a pop-up dinner! About 3 weeks ago an email from Le Diner landed in my inbox and a couple of forwards later our group had grown to 17.

Napkin Wave

A pop-up dinner is much like anything that pop-ups up, it's there for a finite amount of time and seems to appear out of nowhere. Handmade Events was the sponsor of the event we chose to attend, you bought your ticket on eventbrite, were provided tables and chairs, and the rest was up to you. Given the size of our group, we broke off in to subgroups (Appetizers, Dinner, Dessert, Decor). Also, since we wanted out table to look super swanky we rented our dishes from Abbey Party Rents. img_5312 2 hours before doors opened the location of the event was revealed, Civic Center Plaza, right in the middle of the city. Arriving at the location it was a sea of white (did I mention this was  a thematic white party?). The early birds from our group sprung in to action, pushing tables together, throwing out tablecloths, setting the table and making it all look amazing! IMG_5295img_5389 img_5354 Amazing it was! Our group had really gone all out on the food. We had everything from muffalettas and fried chicken to cupcakes and cookie bars. We also weren't the only table that had gone big. The table next to us built a tent around their table and strung Christmas lights. A table across the way had collapsed all their chairs, formed a giant circle with their tables and created a cocktail party.


All in all it was a fabulous event and I would highly recommend you attend if you get the chance. A couple helpful pointers and lessons we learned:

Bring more lighting than you think you will need, it got dark fast and our cell phones and headlamps were the best source of light (the battery operated candles were cute, but didn't cast as much light as you would like)

Don't forget garbage bags, hand sanitizer, paper towels, ziploc bags...pretty much anything you use on a regular basis in your kitchen

Rent the dishes, this way you aren't worried about breaking anything and clean-up is as easy as throwing them all back in the crate they came in (while you are at it, get table linens too).

Find a friend who loves taking pictures and beg her to be the event photographer so you don't forget a moment of this event (Thanks Annie from Head in Knots for all the amazing photos)


Happy 4th of July!


Nothing like Ms. Buhl to kick off your 4th of July festivities. I hope your day is full of small town parades, bbq's, sparklers and fireworks set to the tune of your local radio station.