De Halve Maan Brewery

IMG_0074 Belgium is known for their beer and we couldn't pass up a visit to the last remaining brewery in Bruges. De Halve Maan Brewery is right in the middle of Bruges and they run brewery tours every hour (in a variety of languages). In addition to the tour, the admission price also gets you a free beer, this seemed like a no brainer to us. IMG_0077 The tour kicks off on the ground floor and then proceeds to wind up and around the brewery through all of their old facilities. There are lots of stairs, some are even so steep you need to go down backwards. As you walk through the brewery the guide explains the brewing process, peppered with all sorts of dry humor. IMG_0080 IMG_0094 IMG_0078                 In addition to touring the facilities you also get one of the best views in Bruges as the tour takes you to the top of the brewing facilities, where you get a panoramic view of the city. IMG_0089IMG_0092IMG_8166   The grand finale is a delicious Zot beer and a beautiful courtyard for relaxing (complete with little charcoal firepits, yes, charcoal).IMG_0097 IMG_0075IMG_8186