I Heart Belgium Beer


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              I love beer and Belgium did not disappoint. The variety was more than I could possibly begin to tackle and there was certainly more beer than I could even attempt to taste. Each beer was served in a glass made specifically for that beer in order to impart the best flavor and smell. The glasses might have been my favorite part and I found myself ordering a beer just because of the glass, like this lovely Kwak: IMG_0057 In Belgium, one of the things they do is serve the beer with quite a bit of foam. This is to help open up the beer for you to smell. Although they serve it topped with foam, they also clean the glass of very nicely before handing it over to you. We did have one person tell us the foam is there so that you can form a relationship with your beer, chat with it a little, get to know it before you start gulping right away. If you love beer, than you are going to love Belgium! They take their beer seriously and that only adds to the experience. IMG_0040IMG_0067IMG_0042IMG_0039