Book Roll 2014

Cuckoo's Calling - This was the book that JK Rowling wrote using her pen name and I really enjoyed it. The mystery of it unfolded in a nice way and you felt yourself really rooting for the character's success. Sisterland - this book takes the bond of sisterhood to a new level. The identical twins who are the lead characters share a psychic's ability. While one twin embraces this secret talent, the other desperately tries to escape it. The  Tiger's Wife - this book weaves together the story of a granddaughter and her grandfather. It is set during the civil war in Eastern European and follows the grandfather's life and his granddaughter's quest to discover the true story of his life and death. The Kitchen House: A Novel - Lavinia, a young white girl, is oprhaned on her trip from Europe to the US and is placed as an indentured servant on a plantation in the South.  The master of the house places her in the kitchen house under the watch of Belle. Lavinia quickly finds herself becoming a part of the slave family on the plantation. The story follows her path from the kitchen house to the big house. Divergent Series: Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant - this teen trilogy was a quick read. It follows a young woman, Tris, as she navigates a dystopian world, struggling to make it a better place. Wedding Night - It's a Sophie Kinsella book, typical, vapid, quick read, not very good. Lottie, a girl just looking to get married, breaks up with her long term boyfriend on a whim when he doesn't ask her to marry him. Within days she is on a date with an old flame who does ask her to marry him and she jumps in with both feet. The Devil in the White City: A Saga of Magic and Murder at the Fair that Changed America - This was a great read about the first world's fair. It weaves the story of the struggles the architects and designers of the fair face with the story of an entrepreneurial man who takes advantage of the fair's chaos to murder and cheat. The Silent Wife - Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn is the perfect description of this book. A wife wronged by her cheating husband decides to settle the score. The story is told from the perspective of both husband and wife, carrying you along in this tale of the ultimate revenge. The Invention of Wings: A Novel - This is a fictionalized account of the lives of Sarah and Angelina Grimke and their life as abolitionists and feminist. Staged in the early 1800s this story tracks their experience and struggle with being slave owners and women during a time when they didn't have a voice. The Goldfinch: A Novel - The premise of the story is based on a boy's obsession with a painting that his mother loved. The painting turns his life upside down and he learns to navigate a world all on his own in hopes of protecting the painting. Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity - a beautiful non-fiction story of how the citizens of a slum in Mumbai navigate poverty, corruption, and life in a slum. Chaos Walking: The Complete Trilogy (consisting of The Knife of Never Letting Go, The Ask and the Answer, and Monsters of Men): This trilogy follows the lives of Todd and Viola as they are chased, thrust in to war, and expected to be leaders. One has been on the planet for some time, but lived a life where he has only been told lies, the other is new to the planet and part of a scouting expedition. As they struggle to navigate their new world, they rely heavily on each other. This was supposed to be a trilogy that Hunger Game lovers would enjoy, while it was quite good it wasn't quite as engrossing as the Hunger Games. Orphan Train - This story weaves together the lives of two orphans, 91 year old Vivian and 17 year old Molly. As Molly is bounced from foster home to foster home, she finds an unlikely friend in Vivian. Vivian moved here in the early 1900's from Ireland was soon orphaned. She was placed on the orphan train headed east in hopes of finding her a family. The story weaves together the two women's experiences as orphans. This is Where I Leave You - A father passes and his dying wish is for his children to sit shiva. Seven days together tests the Foxman family's ability to tolerate each other, but none have it worse than Judd who watches is life crumbling around him. Yes, Please - Amy Poehler is funny, real and a real pleasure to read. From the Upright Citizen's Brigade to her time on Saturday Night Live, she doesn't leave anything out. David & Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants - in progress

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