I Heart Belgium Beer


IMG_0111 IMG_0055

              I love beer and Belgium did not disappoint. The variety was more than I could possibly begin to tackle and there was certainly more beer than I could even attempt to taste. Each beer was served in a glass made specifically for that beer in order to impart the best flavor and smell. The glasses might have been my favorite part and I found myself ordering a beer just because of the glass, like this lovely Kwak: IMG_0057 Continue reading

Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

IMG_5352The Grand Bazaar is the largest covered market in the world. This is not a place that you walk in to hungry, tired, or in poor walking shoes. We went here a couple of times. Day 1 was just to get the lay of the land, try to figure out where everything is located and get a feel for what we might want to purchase. Day 2 was where the serious shopping and serious haggling began. Continue reading