Venice, Italy

I love the website BootsnAll. It is basically a travel site, but with a twist. This site has a variety of articles, but also plenty of submissions from travelers just like you and I.  Every time I spend some time on this site I start dreaming of living abroad, travelling the world and generally experiencing more! They kicked off 2012 with a Travel Challenge, every week a new topic will be posted and they have asked their readers to write their experiences. I started this late and have chosen to work my way through the challenges (in no particular order) so here is Week #9, Travels In Italy. The challenge: What's the best indie travel experience you've had in Italy? 
This was a tough one for me as the places I visited in Italy were what I like to call the big three: Venice, Florence, and Rome. It doesn't seem possible to have an Indie experience when you are visiting the three most popular and touristy places in Italy, but I had a bit of an "Indie" experience while in Venice one night.
The entire time we were in Venice we kept hearing that it wasn't the ideal time to visit as it was supposed to flood, however this meant absolutely nothing to us. After all, isn't the whole city surrounded by water? We started the night like any other night, with a great meal and delicious wine, but it quickly became more interesting.
Setting up the planks
After finishing dinner we navigated the maze that is Venice and tried to get back to our hotel, only to find that this flooding everyone had been talking about was actually true. The streets that led back to our hotel were flooded in 3 plus feet of water.
We had no clue how we were going to get back to our hotel and from what we understood the water was not set to recede until the next day...our solution? Head to the bar, drink some more wine, and strategize. After many drinks and some great conversations with those around us, someone thought to ask us which hotel we were staying in. We gave them the name of the hotel and they started to it turns out there was an alternate route and we could have been tucked in to bed hours earlier.  Not regretting our sidebar one bit we had someone draw us a map, enjoyed another drink, and wandered the flooded streets of Venice.