Dear Airlines

An open letter to the airlines: Dear Airlines (all of you, except maybe Virgin, I currently like you),

There are a few things that us poor souls who pay insane amounts of money would like to discuss with you, some minor tweaks, improvements, baseline expectations. In no particular order:

  1. Security – Why am I taking off my shoes? (yes, I do recall that in 2001 there was a shoe incident, but seriously!?!? That was how many years ago? How many people have we caught using the method?). I find it incredibly hard to believe that with those new fancy full body scanners that show all your special parts we couldn’t also detect something in a shoe. Stop making me take off my shoes, if I get athlete’s foot you are getting the bill!
  2. Flight Attendants – There are days when I don’t want to be at work, but I don’t take it out on my fellow colleagues for the full 8 hours that I am there, you should not take it out on me for the duration of my flight. I am terribly sorry to say that in addition to trying to save my life in the event of a water landing you must also bring me water, help my fellow passengers stuff the overhead bin to capacity, and restock toilet paper in the bathroom. Please don’t act like I asked you to jump from a plane, it’s just a glass of water.
  3. Nickel & Diming – That’s right! We are on to you! Charge me for a snack, charge me for a cocktail (on an international flight *gasp*), charge me for t.v. What’s next?  Find a way to work some of these charges in to my ticket because both you and I know that charging me to use the wifi that is already on the plane will not pull you from the brink of bankruptcy.

Now I could add to this list my complaints about seat size, airplane capacity, and quality of food…but some things you really can’t help. I understand that increasing the size of my seat would be prohibitively expensive (although maybe then I wouldn’t complain about all that nickel and diming!). I get that you must book planes to capacity because otherwise you aren’t breaking even. The food...well that has improved and for anyone who has been to a wedding where you are served a seated meal, you know how hard it is to get good food for 200, without the challenge of making it all fit in a tiny compartment.

So dear airlines, please, try to treat us like we are paying customers. Customers that you want to come back, customers that will fly with you because they want to (not because you are the only airline that flies to Boise on a regular basis). Sincerely, Disheartened Airline Passenger This is part of the BootsnAll Indie Travel Challenge.  Each week, a different prompt: What Would Make Air Travel Better?